IP Login (Router Admin Panel) is the default Router IP address which using for access Login Admin Panel. Most of Wireless or Modem Brand set by default 192.168.l.l IP for all devices which allow changing default Wifi Router Setting on the dashboard.

Basically, 192.168.l.l a host IP Address to control your Router. If you want to login to your Router Admin then you should follow the full article.

What is or 192.168.l.l is a default IP Address like to Login your router Admin Panel. Most of Router Brand using this IP Address by default for their users. You should mind this to access your Admin Panel to change anything on Your Router Setting.

How to Login IP Address?

It’s so easy to Login or 192.168.l.l IP Address from your Android or Windows & Mac devices. But sometimes it not work and it’s totally depend on your Router Brand. So follow how to Login Router IP.

  • Connect your Router Network
  • Open a browser and type on Search Bar and Press Enter. or Click below Link button to open this page directly.
  • Give user Username & password in Login Page
  • After given all information then Click Login.


If you buy a new Router then you need to use default Username and password which get the Router body or you also get the below section.
And you already change the Username & Password for your Router then you need to use that.

If you give all necessary information then you will see the Dashboard where you can maintenance your Wifi Router Setting.

Default Username & Password for Login IP

When you buy a new Wifi Router then you need to know the Login details for your router. In case you may see the default Username and Password showing in Router body but Most of the time you can’t see it.

Actually everybody knows it but sometimes it’s not working by reason, every router brand using different username & password that’s why it showing incorrect.

So you need to find your router Username & Password to Login using IP. You can follow the given link below to get your Router default Username & Password Here.

How to find Your Router IP address (192.168.l.l)

If you want to find your router IP Address then you need to discover where you check this. It’s totally depend on your checking device which you will use for the find IP Address.

For Windows PC Laptop device or Mac OS or Android, you need to follow different ways to find out your current IP. So follow the below and try with your device steps.

Check on Android:

  • Firstly must need to connect your Wifi.
  • Then Go to Settings >>then Wireless & Networks >> Wi-Fi.
  • Now click Configure option on Connected Wifi Name.
  • After that, the Router IP Address will show in IP Address label.

Check on Windows:

Click on Search Bar >> Type “cmd” >> Now Click on Command Prompt >> Then Click Open >> Type “ipconfig” on the field and press Enter – then you will see the Router IP.

To get all details with (ScreenShots) then follow this link – Router IP Find on Windows.

Check on Mac OS:

At First open System Preferences >> Go to Network >> Select Wifi >> Click on Advanced >> Open TCP/IP window. Here you will see your Router IP Address.

For more details (with Screenshot) Click here – IP Find on Mac OS

What to do if Forgot Your Router Username and Password?

After buying a Brand New Router you can need to use by default Username & Password to control your Setting. But if you changed it once time and if you forget Wifi Router username & Password then you need to recover it.

This process depends on your Router Brand. You can Reset your Username and Password for 192.168.l.l IP you can follow this article. Router Username & Password Recovery Way.


If your Router IP not work then you should change the IP Address for your Router. You can get all Default Router IP in our website for your Router Brand.

If you face anything else about Login on 192.168.l.l IP then ask in the comment box

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