How to Find Router IP Address on Mac, Windows, Linux

Many people don’t know How to Find Router IP Address which using currently on their device. When you want to change anything on your Router then you need to Login your Router Admin Panel and for the reason you should know which is your Router IP Address.

Every Router IP address will start with 192.168. Most of Router Brand gives their default IP addresses like or but sometimes it showing error that why you must need to know Your current IP Address.

Before find your IP Address you should follow the right instruction for your device. Because the way to find are different for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android etc.

So I give out the find out process for all devices then you can follow which device you have.

How to Find Router IP Address on Windows 10/8.1

If you are a Windows 10/8.1 user then you can check your Router IP Address with a few seconds. To find Your Router IP Address on windows PC or Laptop just follow the below steps.

Click on Search Bar >> Type “cmd” >> Click Open >> Type “ipconfig” then you will see the Router IP Address.

If you get full details you can follow the below screenshot and try with this.

  • At First connect your Wifi Network on PC
  • Then click click on the Search icon
  • Type “cmd” on there and click Command Prompt
  • Then you need to Click Open
  • Then type “ipconfig” in the command line (see screenshot) and press Enter.
  • You will see your router IP address beside the Default Gateway.

How to Find Your Router IP Address on Mac OS

If you are a MacBook user then you can find your Router IP Address with just 4 steps. There have too many ways to check Router default IP Address from your Mac OS. But I describe here a best and easy way which you can follow to know how to find Router IP Address.

First open System Preferences then Go to Network and Select Wifi and Click on Advanced. Then open TCP/IP window and here you will see your Router IP Address.

You can follow the below screenshots and try with it.

  • 1) Open System Preferences: You can find it by searching or check on Apple Logo in the top left corner on your Mac.
  • 2) Chick on Network from there.
  • 3) Select Wifi: After Open this window Click on Wifi and then Advanced like the below screenshot.
  • 4) Now Click on the TCP/IP tab in the top panel.

And you will find your connected router default IP address next to the Router.

Find Router IP Address on Android Phone

To check your current default IP Address on the Android device, you can use two different methods. 1st is from your phone using some steps (Make sure that the Android version must need above 7.0) and the other is using an APP. There are so many apps available on Google Play Store to check your current IP Address.

Here I tell you that 2 methods. You can follow which one like easy.

Check Directly form Your Phone

  • At First connect your Wifi Network.
  • Now Go to Settings >> Wireless & Networks >> Wi-Fi.
  • Then Tap on the Configure button.
  • Now Your Router IP Address will be shown in the IP Address label.

Check IP Address using Android App

Connect your Wifi Connection first as always.

  • Install Wi-Fi Analyzer app from Google Play Store using this link – App Link
  • After Installed Open the App.
  • Now tap on the “View” menu and choose “AP list”
  • Then You see ‘Connected to: [Your Wifi Name]
  • Tap on your Wifi Network Name and a new windows will open where show your Network Information with IP Address.

How to Find Router IP Address on iPhone iOS

Only iPhone user can check their Router IP Address easily better than other. If you want to fine your default IP Address for iPhone iOS devices, follow these steps:

  • At first Connect your Wifi network.
  • Then Go to Settings.
  • Now entered the Wi-Fi setting.
  • Then select the Wifi Network that you connected.
  • Now Click on the Static tab from there.
  • And You can find your router’s IP Address on your screen.

How to Find Router IP Address on Linux

At this time 1.69% of people using the Linux Operation system in the word. So if you one of them and want to find the IP Address on Linux, follow the below steps:

  • Make sure to Connected your Wifi Connection before going to next step.
  • Then Go to Applications >> System Tools >> Terminal.
  • When the Terminal window opens up, type ipconfig & wait some times.
  • After that You can find your Router IP Address from the results beside the default gateway address.

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