TP-Link Router Setup

TP-Link Router Setup: After buying a new router, one thing that comes to our mind is how I can Setup the router & setting and Login the admin panel.

If you buy a new TP-Link Router and worried to setup perfectly at home then this article can help you to do that.

Here we will try to give out step by step how you can setup your TP-Link Wifi Router easily. You can just follow the below steps & screenshots and try with that. So let’s go to the main topic.

How to Setup TP-Link Router

Follow carefully to know how to setup TP-Link Router.

Step #1: Connect the Power connection on your router & connect the WIFI cable on your device using an Ethernet cable. Otherwise you need to know the default Username & Password then connect WIFI wirelessly.

Step #2: Open a browser and type the default IP on Searchbar or

After that, the below page will appear on your font.

Step #3: Now give the default username & password in the blank page and Click Let’s Get Started.

How TP-Link Router Setup

Step #4: Now, Follow the given instructions on the screen and Configuration your Internet Setting using the Quick Setup option form the top bar.

TP Link-Router Setup

Step #5: Then Enter the name (SSID) for your Wifi Router Network and set a secure password to secure your Wi-Fi network from anything else.

Then you need to give all other basic Information to complect your Router Setup using Next & Next option button.

TP-Link-Router Setup

TP-Link Router Setting

TP-Link Router Setting is the most important part for you to secure your WIFI router. When you Setup your Router, you have already done the Basic Setting. If you want to do the advance setting to more secure your Router Network you will get all setting in your Router Admin Panel.

You can follow the below video to Setting your TP-Link Router.

TP-Link Router Login

Sometime Some People face many kinds of problem to Login TP-Link Router Admin Panel. We already said that how you Login in TP-Link Router Admin to Setup or Setting easily.

If you still can’t Login then you need to change the default IP Address or default Access.

TP-Link Router Username & Password

If you buy a new Router then you have a default access to Login router admin panel. Sometimes you will get the default username & password in the router Packet or body. If you don’t get is you can follow the below list where we give out TP-Link default username & password.

If you already change the username & password and forgotten it then you need to restore your Router Username & password.

Default username & Password for TP-Link router

IP Address:
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